Evasion Mont-Blanc

277miles of slopes

Imagine miles and miles of slopes for all styles and taste. Authentic Chalets and beautiful pine forest, to make the landscape even more enjoyable…And all around you a breathtaking scene: welcome to Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc ski resort!!

Saint-Gervais is the main entrance to the Evasion ski resort with its 277 miles of slopes. With one single Ski-Pass, you can ride on 6 different resorts: Saint-Gervais, Saint-Nicolas, Megève, Les Contamines-Montjoie Hauteluce, Combloux, and La Giettaz. The 650 snow guns guarantee plenty of good-quality snow.
Whatever your ski level or expectations are, you will find a suitable match, or some slopes at your level. As a family, alone or with friends, you will have access to a fabulous ski area and pure relaxation… Just one rule: enjoy and have Fun!!
If you have the soul of a freestyler, you can try your skills on one of the most attractive spot in this area, the Mont-Joux snowpark (called the WOSP).
Do you like wild spots? Do you have freeride desires? No problem, but you must have a very good skiing level (off-slopes skiing remains a high-risk activity) and be properly equipped (a helmet, an arva, a shovel and a probe). Before skiing off-slopes, make sure you get all the necessary information from the ski patrollers and check all the documents available: weather forecast and avalanche risk.
You like hiking and have a Nordic spirit? Why not imagine yourself as a trapper on one of the many snowshoe trails or Nordic ski runs? Or discover all the other ways of riding the snow (Activities).
If you want to chill out and give a rest to your sore muscles after skiing like crazy, go and have a break at “les Thermes de Saint-Gervais les Bains”. You will love it! Come and try it this winter, you will no longer do without it!
The resort offers 4 different ski slopes levels: 34 black (expert) slopes, 80 red (advanced) slopes, 63 blue (easy) slopes and 42 green (beginner) slopes which gives you plenty of options whatever your ski level is.
Discover the joy of riding, the beauty and the peace of the mountains with an easy access to the villages of Saint-Gervais and Saint-Nicolas (see below for more details).


Par l’autoroute / By motorway
De Paris : A6 jusqu’à Mâcon puis A40 (autoroute blanche) jusqu’à Saint-Gervais / Le Fayet
De Marseille: 07 jusqu’à Valence, A48 jusqu’à Grenoble, A41 jusqu’à Annecy puis A40 jusqu’à Saint-Gervais / Le Fayet
De Lyon: A43 jusqu’à Chambéry, A41 jusqu’à Annecy puis A40 jusqu’à Saint-Gervais / Le Fayet

Accès en train / By train
Gare de Saint-Gervais les Bains / Le Fayet
TGV directs Paris – Saint-Gervais (5h)

Accès en car / By bus
Société Alpes Transport
Lignes régulières de ville à ville.
Tél. +33 (0)4 50 78 05 33

Par avion / By air
Geneva Cointrin airport (70km)
Chambéry airport (130km)
Lyon airport (200km)

Saint-Gervais les Bains

There is a large choice to access to the slopes of Saint-Gervais, at least four entry points:
-by cable car “St Gervais-Le Bettex” which is located in the village center, accessible by the road from Megève or you can also use the new bypass bridge with 700 car park spaces at your disposal. The selling points are located at the car park lot.
-By the Mont-Arbois cable car located in the hamlet of Le Bettex, where you have car park facilities and buses, you just have to follow the signs “Le Bettex”. The selling points are located at the entrance of the cable car station. You can also top up your ski-passes with the tickets reload automata.
-By “Les Monts-Rosset” chairlift, accessible from a run –La Pierre- from the Le Bettex, Pierre Plate and surrounding hamlets. The selling point is at the departure of this chairlift.
-By “Les Communailles” ski-lift, close to the hamlet of “Grattague”. The selling point is at the cabin lift.
For further information’s on these accesses, events, activities, weather forecast or accommodation, the Office du Tourisme of Saint-Gervais is at your service. Tel.: +334 50 47 76 08

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce

Saint-Nicolas is another access point of the third ski resort in France, within 3 entrance gateway at your disposal:
-By “Les Chattrix” chairlift, 1mile before the village, a car park is available and buses. The selling point is opposite the chairlift.
-By “Le Chef-Lieu” chairlift, in the village center, car park and buses are at the bottom of the chairlift. The selling points are in the Office du Tourisme in Saint-Nicolas. A reloading terminal is available in the Office du tourisme.
-Access to “Le Plateau de la Croix” (road access is close when heavy snowfall), just after the center of Saint-Nicolas, follow the road “Plateau de la Croix”. Mostly open in spring. No selling points available.
For further information’s on access, events, activities, weather forecast and accommodation, the Office du Tourisme of Saint-nicolas is at your service. Tel.: +334 50 93 20 63