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How to access the ski lifts

There are 4 main access to the ski resort:
  • Saint-Gervais les Bains: Village
  • Saint-Gervais les Bains: Le Bettex
  • Saint-Nicolas de Véroce: Les Chattrix
  • Saint-Nicolas de Véroce: Le Chef-Lieu
Carte Saint-Gervais Points d'Entrée / Carte Saint-Nicolas Points d'Entrée

Opening hours of the ski lifts and ticket offices

Horaires des Remontées Mécaniques

Lost and found service

Please call +33 (0) 450 932 323

NEW : Ski Lockers


Ski lockers at the bottom of the ski runs ! 97 ski cases for the storage of up 5 pairs of skis, boots, helmets and gloves. Your equipment will be dried and warmed for the morning. No need to carry your skis around anymore ! Book online or on site.

More information on the lifts operations?

Want to know even more about the background of the resort?
The websiteremontees-mecanique.net is a mine of informations about the world of transport by Cable.

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Ski Resort

Security on chairlifts

Skizzz the alien and the trendy teen Swag explain with humor and lightness good
behaviors acquire to take a safe lift. Skizzz and Swag,
show in an animated film, gestures and attitudes needed to borrow
chair lift, or how to behave during transport.